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A Psychiatrist’s Perspective on Autrailia Man Forced to Endure Over 90 Electroshock ‘Treatments’

Garth Daniels is portrayed as a violent, severely ill schizophrenic who needs to be restrained, drugged and electroshocked against his will for his own good. Psychiatrist Naill McLaren says otherwise. Feral Psychiatry: The Case of Garth Daniels

Click here view previous articles on Garth’s case.

TRIGGER WARNING! The news story regarding his case shows footage of unmodified electroshock, and restraints.

Please sign and share the below petitions:

Garth Daniels Petition 

A petition to stop the FDA safety down-classification of the shock device the the same risk level as a pair of reading glasses for certain conditions, that will inevitably lead to more involuntary electroshock like Garth Daniels is being subjected to.

Thank you.


Petition update · Garth still being electric-shocked against his will! ·


I’m pissed. Really pissed.

Garth Daniels is still receiving forced electrical head injuries ala electroshock and forced drugging.

He has been shown to be mentally competent to refuse electroshock by an outside psychologist.

I must add that is the most absurd sentence of all time–that someone has to be deemed ‘competent’ to say no to having multiple electrically induced grand mal seizures, but this is the world we live in.

It should be added that competent really means ‘agrees with the doctor.’


His father has also adamantly rejected the electrical destruction of his son’s mind and body, but his psychiatrist persists in this barbarism, sometimes shocking Garth multiple times in one day.   

If you believe that this sort of practice is rare or a relic of the darker days of psychiatry, news flash! It’s not.

In the recent Q&A on electroshock, the APA parroted the ‘no one is forced mantra’– but sometimes in certain cases if the person is deemed incompetent, a guardian or family member can decide to have their loved one electrocuted, or panel of docs and a judge may decide for them as well.

Read Doctors of Deception and the APA ECT Q&A transcripts or this post to learn more about what psychiatry says and does when someone doesn’t consent to having their brain damaged for their ‘benefit.’

Garth’s situation shows these safe guards to be utter rubbish. He has been deemed competent.

His next of kin is against this.

Garth is still being shocked.

If you question whether the softer sounding electrocution therapy or ‘ECT’ or ‘brain stimulation’ which it increasingly being called, has anything to do with the violent ‘procedure’ seen in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s nest electroshock watch this video.

It’s as damaging as it ever was, just dressed up in non-threatening lingo.

If the FDA has its way in reclassifying the shock device, it’s likely these abuses will only increase because hullooo! The FDA says the shock device is as safe as eyeglasses for the right dx and they are SUUUUCH a reputable and ethical organization, it must be true.

*sarcasm emphasized*

You can read more about Garth here.

If you haven’t signed his petition, please do so now and share. This must stop before they  kill him!

TRIGGER WARNING! The news story regarding his case shows footage of unmodified electroshock, and restraints.

And if you haven’t singed the FDA petition, click here.

Thank you.

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ECT Destroys Lives

When it comes to ECT, the only stories that matter to mainstream media are the “it saved my life!” ones. Those who have claim injury and/or abuse are ignored, discredited and disregarded in any ECT discussion.

“your imagining things, you are mentally ill, after all”

“your a rare case and don’t represent the majority”

“if doctors forced you to have it, you probably needed it”

This blind invalidation needs to stop.

It’s time these accounts are treated as valid.

It’s time people keep asking questions–even when someone throws down a Suzie Success Story.

All personal accounts matter- not just “happy” ones.

Asking honest questions must be allowed and encouraged.

What do doctors really know or not know about ECT?

Why do some people feel helped?

What research has been done and by whom? Is there a conflict of interest? How are these studies conducted? How do doctors define depression and improvement?

Why is only one state keeping track of ECT induced deaths? Shouldn’t all doctors want complete and accurate risk data so their patients can make a truly informed choice?

Why aren’t patients given full informed consent?

Why don’t doctors take patients who claim injury, seriously?

Why don’t they offer before and after testing?

Why haven’t shock machines been tested by the FDA, after the decades ECT has been used? Or when the FDA was recommended to do so in 2011?

If the animal studies conducted in the 50’s and 60’s were so inadequate, why were they never repeated?

Why does some in medical practice who speaks critically of ECT get black-balled?

What role has the media played in promoting ECT? Have they shown journalistic integrity in the process?

How legitimate are the diagnosis labels used to justify ECT?

Why is honest ECT questioning always shut down?

Why does my story count for so little, when it would surely be treated as credible and praised if it were positive?

I could go on and on.

People don’t ask these questions when the discussion is dominated by Suzie Success Stories. Who wants to be the a*&hole that questions a “treatment” that “saved someones life?”

Questions like these are often viewed as offensive.

But why? Shouldn’t we want to know the answers for ALL patients?

Shouldn’t the Suzie’s out there want to know the truth too? That maybe there’s more to their depression and it’s treatment than they were originally told? Maybe, like me, their “treatment resistant depression” is actually treatable?


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International Women’s Day

On this holiday, take a minute to remember women who have suffered abuse, health problems, other stresses and traumas incorrectly labeled “mentally ill” by doctors they trusted. 

Instead of apropriate care and understanding, they drugged and electroshocked.  

Women, primarily elderly women are the main shock recipients. This is beyond messed up. If the FDA’s change goes through, the number of shocked women will only increase. 

Please sign the petition and respond to the FDA dockets regarding these changes.


FDA Shock Machine Reclassification Petition

“We have 41 days to #FDAStopTheShockDevice — Please help us make this real. It is very important to understand that this petition will go to the FDA, but the FDA is only accepting original comment, not mass-mail campaigns. If you want individual comment submitted through MindFreedom, please post your comment in this section. We will routinely update comments to FDA website. Also, in the petition, there is the information for you to directly submit your comments to the FDA. Please sign this petition to show your support.”

~Lauren Tenney

Follow the link below to view, sign and share this petition:

Also make sure to respond to FDA page on the following two shock machine related issues:

Docket No. 2014-N–1210 for ‘‘Neurological Devices; Reclassification of Electroconvulsive Therapy Devices Intended for Use in Treating Severe Major Depressive Episode in Patients 18 Years of Age and Older Who Are Treatment-Resistant or Require a Rapid Response; Effective Date of Requirement for Premarket Approval for Electroconvulsive Therapy Devices for Certain Specified Intended Uses’’

 Docket No. FDA-2014-D-1318 for “Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) Devices for Class II Intended Uses: Draft Guidance for Industry, Clinicians and FDA Staff”

and be sure to use the hashtag #FDAStopTheShockDevice with any FDA/shock machine reclassification related posts or sharing you do 🙂



State examining treatment of man subjected to multiple cases of shock therapy

I did a post awhile back about an Australian man subjected to forced restraint and a ridiculously high number of electroshocks against his will. View here.

It’s good to see other media outlets are keeping the spotlight on this issue, and not using any sugar-coating terms for this abuse like ECT, but instead, call it electroshock.

via the

State examining treatment of man subjected to multiple cases of shock therapy.

This abuse must end! Psychiatry and its beloved electroshock have been privileged with unquestioned media support and promotion.

Public awareness and outrage is essential in stopping psychiatric barbarism.

I hope this issue continues to receive truthful and accurate media attention until the rest of the world realizes forced shock still happens, and this “procedure” is more dangerous than ever.



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Dr. Peter Breggin and Shock Survivor/Activist Ted Chabasinski on the FDA’s Current Push to Downgrade Shock Machines to Class II

I’ve checked Breggin’s Podcast regularly ever since the FDA’s shock machine risk downgrade, hoping he will chime in and give his insights on the current situation.

It finally happened! Yesterday he discussed electroshock, the FDA and psychiatry issues with shock survivor and activist, Ted Chabasinski.

Click the link below to listen:


Concussions, the NFL, Shock Machines and the FDA

I was listening to the latest Peter Breggin Radio Hour and learned about a new movie that chronicles the discovery a unique brain condition caused by repeated head traumas from violent sports like football and  the NFL’s attempts to cover it up.

Wouldn’t that be awesome if shock survivors had this kind of advocacy?

A fearless foreign doctor with a unique set of unshakable values who tirelessly fights to expose the truth?

Top that with a movie that chronicles this story, recognizes lives lost and communicates this truth the public?

That would be nothing short of a dream come true for me– the truth of what happens to a brain when it’s repeatedly electrocuted into grand mal seizures, exposed for all to see.

Recognition of deaths by heart attack, stroke, brain hemorrhage and suicides.

Acknowledgment of and reimbursement for destroyed careers, relationships, and the years survivors languished in poverty, isolation and despair.

Revealed cover-ups, conflicts of interest, the reprehensible behavior of the FDA’s multi-decade failure to protect patients and more recently, their own push to downgrade the safety classification of shock machines to the same risk level of eyeglasses or wheelchairs.

I see the Concussion movie trailer and I ache for something like this to happen for shock survivors.
Then reality slaps me. Hard, and reminds me waiting for a knight in shining armor is stupid and pointless.

And my hope and focus should always stay on self-advocacy​.

Still, I can dream–while I roll up my sleeves and prepare for action.

You should do the same.

If you haven’t heard about the FDA ‘s fresh attempt to downgrade shock machines to the same risk level as glasses or wheelchairs, please read the below articles and see how you can take action.

Shock Machines as Safe as Eyeglasses? 89 Days to Say No 

Protesting the FDA Just Got Easier

You can also join like-minded people in a larger effort to stop the FDA current play and plan future efforts to stop something like this from ever happening again.

Stop the FDA Facebook group 

Who knows, someday we might have success with this FDA, and abolishment of shock and maybe someday, our own movie 🙂



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Special FDA Shock Machine Safety Downgrade Reading and Call-in

Talk with Tenney is two Special shows on electroshock Tuesday the 29th this week.

Tuesday, December 29, 9 am eastern:

Lauren will read the FDA’s shock machine reclassification document

Wednesday, December 30, 9-11pm eastern:

Lauren and shock survivors will respond to this renewed FDA effort to downgrade shock machines to the same risk level of as eye-glasses or wheelchairs: Tell the FDA NO to Reclassifying the Shock Device


Talk with Tenney radio show 

Lauren’s website