The New Aftershock Website is Live!

Aftershock is officially moved! This is the first stage of the many improvements I will be making over the next few months in my effort to educate the world ECT risks, provide a platform for survivors, news, activism, resources, and recovery. 

Also, video production has also begun for the ECT Consent project and is still open if you want to participate. Check the link for deets.  

You can visit the new website here and can keep up on the latest by signing up for my newsletter

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Feedback and encouragement from many friends/ survivors have been invaluable. It’s been such a privilege to know such amazing people. It has changed my life knowing I’m not alone. I will do everything I can to ensure other survivors know this too.

What happened to you is real, and won’t be forgotten. 

XO Jane



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