ECT Survivor Project: Things I never consented to…

The world needs to know how people are lied to about ECT risks, are subsequently injured and left to fend for themselves!

I’m working on a survivor collaboration video about the side effects we never consented to when we had ECT. This video explains what’s involved if you would like to participate. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions ¬†


9 thoughts on “ECT Survivor Project: Things I never consented to…

  1. Jane, I had a hard time filling out the form! Between the visual aids I use and the REAL seizure I had within the past week, I’m a freaking “basket case.” Shhhh….they might put me away, ha ha….Don’t worry, Puzzle is taking good care of me and she’s taking me for a walk right now……

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  2. I’ll participate later this week – dealing with repair of cracked teeth acquired during ECT – already had to have 2 extracted. Dentist was wondering what had happened to my teeth. And then there’s the ‘cloud’ in my right eye. And the flashbacks – twelve years after the fact. And the spontaneous seizures that went on for years. Much much more. And memory loss – 20-25 years totally gone – missing. Thank god I have lots of photos – my husband can explain who the people are. Photos? No, I don’t take an anymore – I couldn’t figure out how my camera worked – I made part of my living with my camera. For some reason I couldn’t breathe properly and couldn’t run – as if I didn’t know how….

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  3. This is a great project, Jane. I will send something. Because I no longer live where my ECT was done, I can safely out the McLean perps who did it, and will gladly do so, to protect others from being likewise harmed, and from being witness to harm as well.


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      • Jane it has been over 20 years since my ECT, and….about 20 years since the coverup. So I’d say two decades since they tried to lie to me and claim I had “underlying, severe borderline,” that ALL THE SUDDEN reared its ugly head! right after the ECT!. They CLAIMED the SEVERE personality disorder was totally to blame for my confusion. .Hmm….right after my ECT, eh? Then my parents told them I’d never been all confused like that before…wasn’t it the shock? But the docs told my parents…”We’re the experts….go away…we’ll deal with it…” My poor parents! My mom was furious.

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