An Important Speech Heard Too Late: Peter Breggin at Shock-Treatment​ Conference – 1985

I was 2 years old when this video was made. This valuable information existed long before this presentation, but thanks to aggressive misinformation campaigns by organizations like the Amercian Psychiatric Association (APA), these truths wouldn’t enter my consciousness 15 years later when shock was recommended for my so-called ‘treatment resistant’ depression.

The most important key points anyone considering shock should hear, made public, wrapped up in a concise 20-minute talk and also recorded in a few obscure books and scientific studies.

It leaves me speechless.

I’m only aware of it now, thanks to a fellow survivor, long after my brain had been iatrogenically damaged beyond repair.

A sentence in Linda Andre’s extraordinary book, Doctors of Deception, comes to mind at this lack of crucial information and the destruction its absence caused in so many lives:

white text on a black background quote: there is no way to make shock safe, there is no way to warn people that it isn't safe, and so it must be banned. green cursive text: Linda Andre, Doctors of Deception


10 thoughts on “An Important Speech Heard Too Late: Peter Breggin at Shock-Treatment​ Conference – 1985

  1. Oooh, tangential thinking, is that a SYMPTOM….eeeek! Mebbe you should tame yer tangentiality with meds! 8)

    Sorry to be so dense before…I actually thought i had offended you and was worried… But it has been a very long and difficult week with too many greedy bloviating self-declared “perfectly normals” i. e. Individuals who seek the status of mediocrity, telling me how great they are, one in particular….

    It’s really great to see REAL honest writing here by you and Jane on your blogs, respectively, about things that matter.

    Thanks to both of you!



  2. Thank you, Jane for this. In 1985 i was well-entrenched in the maw of medical model psychiatry. It was not until 2003, however, long after this video was made, and well into the survivor movement era, so far as i now know ( though i knew nothing then) that i was forced to have my third course of ECT. The first two were more or less voluntary, insofar as i was told they would help and i acquiesced. But as i stopped the second “too soon” and refused to continue, as an in-patient, the MD decided to force me to continue…and apparently had the legal right to do so…i say apparently because every single time i have requested my records they come to me missing the two months during which ECT was forced on me. Oh yes, i have the month of January, when i was admitted, right up to the doctors note saying that i was “forcing her to force me” (ha!) to have ECT…then the chart goes sioent, blank,and missing until a week before i am “recovering nicely” and will be returning for maintenance ECT in a week, in mid-April! This. Drives me crazy but they tell me they have sent the entire chart each time! Dunno what to do about it,..from Yale New Haven Hospital where they also claimed to have simply LOST my chart from 1971 and 1972… How can this be? Anyhow, i am blathering now, but i intend to read more of your blog and i thank you commenting on Julie mad Blogger’s because that is how i found you!

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    • Thank you for sharing your experience, Pamela! I always love meeting other survivors, tho I hate the awful circumstances that connect us.”Lost” medical records seem to be a common complaint among survivors. I know mine were destroyed before I though to get them. Not that it mattered because the statute of limitations were long expired by the time I wised up 😦


      • Translation from the “institutional”: “Lost”, adj, means it is like a recipe. They added too much chocolate, hence “fudged.”

        Do I win Brownie Points for this one?

        Or just a few nods from the “me too” gallery?


  3. “Shock treatment shouldn’t be given to people who use their brains for their work.” Wow. I was 27 years old in 1985. I had just developed permanent diabetes insipidus from lithium that it took the medical “experts” “treating” me another 27 years to figure out. That was also most likely my first year without a functioning thyroid gland due to lithium. “Tradeoff.” Which of course I believed fully. How on earth?

    I was just thinking, Jane, I wish I had gotten HOPELESSLY lost on the way to my first shrink appointment, and completely given up. Maybe I would have been better off diving into a rabbit’s hole, or walking through a looking glass or even eating a few mushrooms. Depends on which side, I suppose….Curiouser and curiouser, eh?


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