When is Violent Act Considered Criminal?

if a doctor performs unmodified ECT when the new law enters into force he or she will be commiting crimial assult

TRIGGER WARNINGS! Articles discussing unmodified and modified ECT and an image of quoted observations of unmodified ECT

Torture or abandonment: unmodified ECT and the shocking position of Indian and global psychiatric leaders | Oliver talks.

Funny how electrocuting a fully conscious person into a grand mal seizure is only considered criminal assault after a law deems it so.

The flip side of this is the false impression that the anesthesia and muscle relaxants used in modified ECT make this ‘procedure’ appear safer, gentler and more acceptable. If you read or watch pro-ECT content, comments you often see remarks about how benign the procedures is and how it’s a far cry from the violent fits portrayed in the token shock article movie citation,”One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” They often say the most movement they see is a little toe twitch.

Yes, the patient is spared the horror of experiencing being electrocuted into bone breaking convulsions, (and the viewer is spared witnessing it) but this comes at the price: the risk of general anesthesia, and a need for a higher electrical dosage because the seizure threshold is raised by the unconscious state.

The modified ECT ‘advantages’ hide the brutal reality that something violent and destructive is happening to the entire body and mind of the patient. Read Barbaric age of electric shock ‘cure’ must vanish.

Modified ECT may be less horrifying to experience, watch or perform, but the truth is ECT in any form is a brain-damaging assault.  

Aside from the immediate effects of ECT, there is long-term devastation in the form of the lost abilities, education, precious memories, relationships, and self. Shock survivors also experience social ostracism, brain damage denial and subsequent denial of rehabilitative services countless survivors face after being permanently damaged by shock.

Electroshock always has been and always will be a violent assault.

excerpt from An Eyewitness Account of the Discovery of Electroshock reads: The patient had a tonic spasm of the muscles, but this time he did not relax. Instead, rhythmic spasms followed. It was the tonic-clonic phase of a seizure. He stopped breathing; his face was pale. then cyanotic; the mandible was clenched: and the corneal reflex was absent. I listened with my stethescope: his heart beat faster and faster. Bini counted the seconds of apnea on his watch. "Five . . . ten . . . fifteen The patient's face was purplish: he was still shaking. "Twenty . . . twenty-five . . . thirty The heart rate kept increasing. I could feel his pulse getting stronger under my fingers.
excerpt from “An Eyewitness Account of the Discovery of Electroshock”
From its cruel inception when its first subject was abducted and experimented on against his will to the misled, uninformed patients who willingly walk into modern shock rooms today. No matter how gentle the modified shock seems, how accepting some patients are of the losses they may experience, or how legal bodies choose to define it, it is always a violent assault.

Both unmodified and modified ECT should be recognized for what they are, criminalized and globally banned.


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