Read Peter Breggin’s First Medical ECT Book for Free

I’ve started collecting old electroshock books before they disappear and/or their prices skyrocket. Last year  I bought a copy  Electro-shock and its Brain-Disabling Effects, originally published in 1979.

This book is a vital read. It shows how far back shock induced brain damaged evidence was available, how this information was softened, skewed or ignored by the industry, provides patient accounts, detailed descriptions of physical and cognitive effects and its wealth of citations serves an additional research resource.

Recently I was poking around Peter Breggin’s ECT Resource Center and found that he made the complete book available free via PDF–yay!

Even though I already own the book, it’s hard for me to process because it’s highly technical and  I struggle with reading and retaining new info after ECT wrecked my brain.

But with a PDF copy, I can run it through my screen reader and can easily highlight and review points I want to remember.

You can download the PDF here.

And if have the same reading/retaining troubles I do and are interested in using assistive technology, check out VoiceDream.

It’s the best screen reader I’ve ever used. It’s easy to add content, there’s a ton of realistic voices to choose from, and the app is customizable.



10 thoughts on “Read Peter Breggin’s First Medical ECT Book for Free

  1. Jane! Thank you! I can read and retain fine, but my vision SUCKS! Due to labeling I couldn’t afford glasses for ages. Now I’m running into further technicalities as well, all due to psych diagnosis. Oh never mind that, I am the daughter of two very nearsighted parents anyway.

    With Chrome you can use Deluminate. Don’t worry about the name! It won’t stop your enlightenment about psychiatry. It reverses colors and has a variety of options. Also if you are using the Kindle app inside Chrome it’ll work fine, and will reverse any web-based .pdf. When I write documents using Word I blacken the background. Go to “design” to do this. I”m sure it’s annoying to anyone else who has to read my documents. All night no day……..No wonder she’s crazy. BTW laughing cures everything.

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