Doctor’s financial stake in shock therapy

A 1995 USA today article highlighting the financial conflict of interest of two shock researchers/machine manufacturers, Richard Abrams, and Conrad Swartz.

Doctor’s financial stake in shock therapy


7 thoughts on “Doctor’s financial stake in shock therapy

  1. Ugh. Yet another incident of psychiatry in an unholy alliance with capitalism. I am a psychoanalyst who treats a wide range of patients, including the severely depressed and psychotic, and I can attest that it is a human relationship based in concern and discernment that is most helpful to these individuals. I have no inherent objection to medicalized treatments, though I do not accept the notion that “mind” is reducible to “brain”.

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    • I agree… The more I learn about the complexities of the mind, body an nervous system, plus the way out environment shape them, boiling the the human experience down to nothing more than misbehaving neuro chemicals etc is friggin absurd.


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