Petition update · Garth still being electric-shocked against his will! ·


I’m pissed. Really pissed.

Garth Daniels is still receiving forced electrical head injuries ala electroshock and forced drugging.

He has been shown to be mentally competent to refuse electroshock by an outside psychologist.

I must add that is the most absurd sentence of all time–that someone has to be deemed ‘competent’ to say no to having multiple electrically induced grand mal seizures, but this is the world we live in.

It should be added that competent really means ‘agrees with the doctor.’


His father has also adamantly rejected the electrical destruction of his son’s mind and body, but his psychiatrist persists in this barbarism, sometimes shocking Garth multiple times in one day.   

If you believe that this sort of practice is rare or a relic of the darker days of psychiatry, news flash! It’s not.

In the recent Q&A on electroshock, the APA parroted the ‘no one is forced mantra’– but sometimes in certain cases if the person is deemed incompetent, a guardian or family member can decide to have their loved one electrocuted, or panel of docs and a judge may decide for them as well.

Read Doctors of Deception and the APA ECT Q&A transcripts or this post to learn more about what psychiatry says and does when someone doesn’t consent to having their brain damaged for their ‘benefit.’

Garth’s situation shows these safe guards to be utter rubbish. He has been deemed competent.

His next of kin is against this.

Garth is still being shocked.

If you question whether the softer sounding electrocution therapy or ‘ECT’ or ‘brain stimulation’ which it increasingly being called, has anything to do with the violent ‘procedure’ seen in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s nest electroshock watch this video.

It’s as damaging as it ever was, just dressed up in non-threatening lingo.

If the FDA has its way in reclassifying the shock device, it’s likely these abuses will only increase because hullooo! The FDA says the shock device is as safe as eyeglasses for the right dx and they are SUUUUCH a reputable and ethical organization, it must be true.

*sarcasm emphasized*

You can read more about Garth here.

If you haven’t signed his petition, please do so now and share. This must stop before they  kill him!

TRIGGER WARNING! The news story regarding his case shows footage of unmodified electroshock, and restraints.

And if you haven’t singed the FDA petition, click here.

Thank you.

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