Robert Whitaker Discusses His Latest Book, Psychiatry Under the Influence, with Peter Breggin

  The STAR-D which is the largest study of antidepressants ever done — 4,041 patients funded by the NIMH and the message that was promoted to the public was that if you just keep trying anti-depressants, you’ll find one that will work and eventually 67% were cured.

In truth, only 38% after 1 of 4 times remitted, and it really wasn’t full remission. More importantly, at the end of one year there were only 108 people out of the 4,041 who entered who remitted and stayed well. In other words 97% had either never remitted, relapsed or dropped out… and guess what? They didn’t announce that result. They hid that result.

…think about this, we hear about a cure rate of 67% when in fact at the end of one year we only 3% who were well…many of the people 108 who were actually well in fact weren’t actually depressed enough to enter the the trial.

~Robert Whitaker, Peter Breggin Radio Hour 4.14.16


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