Who Are Anti-Psychiatry Activists? People Harmed by Psychiatry

The APA is employing a popular tactic of playing the victim to “anti-psychiatry movement.”

That term carries unflattering stigma.

The anti-psychiatry movement is portrayed as anti-science, fringe quackery, and consisting of only Scientologists and busy bodies who are interfering with doctors ability to soundly treat suffering mental patients.

The truth?

The majority of the anti-psychiatry movement are people who themselves or their loved ones have been grievously harmed or killed by unscientific, dangerous treatments such as drugs and electroshock. People who don’t who aren’t treated as credible because of the diagnoses they have been given, often have limited resources for legal recourse- not that they would be taken seriously any ways.

These “anti-psychiatry” people have lost everything and bravely choose to speak out so others may be saved from this iatrogenic suffering and so the public and government can be made aware so justice can be served and protective changes made.

Psychiatry doesn’t look so noble when you put this tactic in its correct context. It’s is a well funded bully with the blind support of people taught that doctors are always good and trust worthy and their treatments scientifically sound.

Do they really care about their patients? All you need to know is look at how they treat those they harm who are be brave enough to speak out against them. 

I was irrevocably injured by psychiatry. I was uniformed of the risks. I don’t want what happened to me to happen to other people-they need to be warned of the dangers, especially since psychiatry is unwilling to do so.

I think those who knowingly cover up, ignore or deny harm caused by their treatments should be held accountable along with watchdog agencies like the FDA for choosing special interests over upholding their duty to protect people.

If what I say sounds reasonable- if you agree patients deserve to be informed and protected against dangerous psychiatric interventions, and organizations like the FDA should follow their governing rules  then please sign and this subversive, “anti-psychiatry” petition:





5 thoughts on “Who Are Anti-Psychiatry Activists? People Harmed by Psychiatry

  1. There are also groups harmed by other things out there, that have organized, aren’t there? People who, in their youth, were harmed by Catholic priests. The harm is legitimate and their request for justice by all means, is. They are demanding that the Catholic church stop the abuse, and own up to the lies and cover-up. Most do not doubt these boys, many of whom are now grown men. And yes, many are rather vocal and angry. Can we blame them? Can anyone?

    The church is actually PAYING these guys, but not always. Sometimes even publicly apologizing. Have we gotten one apology or payout or even admission of harm or fault? As soon as we do, there’s an immediate gag order and yet more cover-up and silencing. These priests get disrobed and some go to prison. Most doctors’ word is upheld and the name of the institution unblemished, their malpractice insurance pays any court fees if any of this ever goes to trial, and usually, the victims get blamed and called crazy.


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