Poll: Did you know shock machines have never been FDA tested before undergoing ECT?

One thing that has come to light with the FDA shock machine reclassification is survivors’ surprise that shock machines have never been FDA tested. It makes me curious.

How many patients knew this shock devices aren’t FDA tested before getting ECT?

Would you have gone through with ECT treatments if you had known? Answer the poll and share your comments below.

If want to comment and remain anonymous, you can email me at aftershockrecovery at gmail dot com

I only learned about shock machines FDA status from Linda Andre’s book, Doctors of Deception, many years after I had electroshock.

It seems to me, this information should be included in the consent forms. In my case, that might not have influenced my decision because I implicitly trusted my doctor and his recommendations. Also, psychiatry talks a good game when they explain lack of FDA testing away.

Still, prospective patients should be briefed on the FDA aspect of electroshock.


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