Concussions, the NFL, Shock Machines and the FDA

I was listening to the latest Peter Breggin Radio Hour and learned about a new movie that chronicles the discovery a unique brain condition caused by repeated head traumas from violent sports like football and  the NFL’s attempts to cover it up.

Wouldn’t that be awesome if shock survivors had this kind of advocacy?

A fearless foreign doctor with a unique set of unshakable values who tirelessly fights to expose the truth?

Top that with a movie that chronicles this story, recognizes lives lost and communicates this truth the public?

That would be nothing short of a dream come true for me– the truth of what happens to a brain when it’s repeatedly electrocuted into grand mal seizures, exposed for all to see.

Recognition of deaths by heart attack, stroke, brain hemorrhage and suicides.

Acknowledgment of and reimbursement for destroyed careers, relationships, and the years survivors languished in poverty, isolation and despair.

Revealed cover-ups, conflicts of interest, the reprehensible behavior of the FDA’s multi-decade failure to protect patients and more recently, their own push to downgrade the safety classification of shock machines to the same risk level of eyeglasses or wheelchairs.

I see the Concussion movie trailer and I ache for something like this to happen for shock survivors.
Then reality slaps me. Hard, and reminds me waiting for a knight in shining armor is stupid and pointless.

And my hope and focus should always stay on self-advocacy​.

Still, I can dream–while I roll up my sleeves and prepare for action.

You should do the same.

If you haven’t heard about the FDA ‘s fresh attempt to downgrade shock machines to the same risk level as glasses or wheelchairs, please read the below articles and see how you can take action.

Shock Machines as Safe as Eyeglasses? 89 Days to Say No 

Protesting the FDA Just Got Easier

You can also join like-minded people in a larger effort to stop the FDA current play and plan future efforts to stop something like this from ever happening again.

Stop the FDA Facebook group 

Who knows, someday we might have success with this FDA, and abolishment of shock and maybe someday, our own movie 🙂



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