Longtime Psychiatric Patient Sues Hospital for Excessive Restraint Use and Forced Electroshock

Trigger warnings:
Footage of unmodified electroshock
Forced electroshock
Forced hospitalization
Pro shock comments

This video is an excellent find by kiwijustice2blog.wordpress.com. View story in the link below.

Is it ever acceptable to apply electro convulsive therapy against a patient’s will?

Garth Daniels is a 40 year, long time mental patient who has been subjected to forced restraint, lasting up to 60 days.

He is also been given 31 electrically induced convulsions in a ridiculously short four month timespan.

All without Garth and his father’s consent.

His psychiatrist plans to shock him 12 more times.

If you’re new to researching this topic, pay attention to the introductory explanation of the “procedure.

The news host states “ECT has been much more safely administered with anesthetic.”

This comment is false. While a person is less likely to break teeth and bones when they convulse, anesthesia raises the seizure threshold, requiring a stronger dose of electricity to induce a seizure. No mention of death rates.  No mention of devastation cognitive consequences. Or the risks of anesthesia. Take their word for it.

To the show writer’s credit, they made no token “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” reference.

It’s interesting– they don’t give many details of Garth’s condition but they do mention its onset: cannabis induced psychosis. They also allude to him being dangerous.
This brings many questions to mind:

  • How was this psychosis treated?
  • Did that lead to a label of an incurable condition?
  • Did that get him a life-long pass on the drug merry go round?
  •  Did the drugs he was put on worsen his mental state?
  • Was this worsening seen as, not a drug side effect but, progression of his mental illness?
  • What’s really going on with Garth?
  • What outcome is th psychiatrist expecting with this many shocks?

Garth has been assessed by an outside psychiatrist who has deemed the 40 year old competent to refuse more treatments.

Time will tell if his lawsuit will have any impact on the kind of “treatment” he receives.


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