Shock and Suicide: Cure or Cause? Part 1

Trigger warnings: 
details of suicide relating to electroshock 
risks and details of effects of electroshock
pro-shock comments

Coming January 6th, 2016 to Talk With Tenney:

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Electroshock is often touted as the magic bullet for treating severe treatment resistant depression and suicidality. Psychiatrists swear by its safety and efficacy.

If a suffering person is treatment resistant and is the verge of suicide and all other treatments have failed, then surely the minimal risks are worth it?

But does electroshock really save people from suicide and depression, or does it actually cause these feelings and impulses?

Is electroshock really as safe as psychiatry claims?


In this upcoming episode of Talk with Tenney we will examine the underestimation of shock fatalities, and the limited data behind pro-shock advocates’ claims that electroshock is lifesaving.

We will compare them to actual survivors’ accounts of depression and suicidality increased by permanent shock-induced cognitive disability, social isolation, destroyed relationships, inability to think and feel, loss of autonomy and lively hood, and the devastating impact of denial of disability by the entire medical and mental health establishment.

The patient side of this story will show electroshock for what it is: dangerous, not life-saving but life-destroying, illustrated by the pure despair many survivors face in the wreckage of their mental, emotional, spiritual and social lives.

We’ll conclude the show with a moment of silence for those whose lives were destroyed and lost suicide due to shock and those amazing survivors still living who struggle just to make it through the day.

No “but it helps some.

Just unapologetic, silent acknowledgement the suffering and death caused by electroshock.

Part two of this post series on shock and suicide will contrast survivors’ experiences with pro-shock advocates’ claims. Coming soon-stay tuned 🙂


A side note

I’ve been frustrated by the lack of data on shock survivors experiences, and thought, why wait for psychiatry to ask the right questions?

We can do our own research!

Below is an anonymous survey on increased depression and or suicidality from electroshock side effects. Participate only if you feel comfortable doing so.

Results will be shared during this Talk with Tenney episode, and in a follow up post on this website.



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