the New Standard Care for Struggling Vets: Drugs and Electroshock

There is a troubling trend with today’s veteran care; Returning military men and women’s’ post-war physical and psychological symptoms are being treated ala polypharmacy.

You’ve probably heard the drug ads side-effects speed read auctioneer style at the end of their commercials. It’s safe to assume at the very least, struggling vets on these drug cocktails are likely to feel miserable 24/7 and unable to function while so heavily medicated.

On the extreme end of the side-effect spectrum, some may experience more severe reactions like agitation, suicidal or homicidal urges.

 Other vets on drug cocktails are dying in their sleep, like my cousin;  a stunningly great guy, husband, father of three, who barely survived an IED explosion plus the multiple surgeries required to repair his mangled body,  died at home in his sleep a few years later from a known lethal drug combination, courtesy of the VA.

It’s beyond troubling how common deaths like his are becoming. But it gets worse.

According to Lauren Tenney, another  dangerous and inefficacious treatment is being used to treat America’s hurting service men and women: electroshock.

Lauren has recently obtained several military documents via the freedom of information act, detailing the recommendations and use of electroshock. Click on link below to listen:

Talk with Tenney: FOIA: Evidence of VAMCs Electroshocking Veterans and Other Discussions

Among other things, these documents show disturbingly “softened” consent more or less stating that untreated depression is much worse than electroshock side effects. Another noteworthy statement in this info: electroshock also a “first line treatment for pregnant women.”

You read right– first line treatment for pregnant women.

Lauren hopes to shed light on this issue by conducting a peer-reviewed study and is looking for volunteers. If you’re interested in helping out, her contact info is on the above link.

hopefully, clarification of  how many soldiers are getting shocked as well as impact it has on their lives will stir a public outrage which in turn, will lead to safer, more compassionate veteran mental health care.

Our service men and women deserve better than toxic pills and shock induced brain damage, and early sudden death.


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