A Consumer Perspective on ECT


Review of Consumers’ Perspectives of Electro Convulsive Therapy is a thought provoking look at electroshock from the consumer perspective.

It address the often blurry aspects of how psychiatrists gather data on electroshock and form and interpret conclusions on its affects.

It also contains eye opening experts from patients, their understanding (or lack) of the procedure, informed consent, and experience with side effects.

It’s pretty well-balanced with negative as well as positive stories without invalidating or skewing the information.

This is a hefty bit of reading, so I recommend using a screen read like Voice Dream (iOS) if it’s hard for you to read or concentrate for long periods of time.

Spot any content grammar errors? Tell me about it at aftershockrecovery at gmail dot com



Fleischmann, P. (2002, January). ect.org. Retrieved August 14, 2015, from http://www.ect.org/resources/consumerperspectives.pdf


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