If You Call Electroshock by Any Other Name, Is it Still A Violent, Destructive, Pseudoscientific Procedure? Yes!

Sarah Lisanby is “Professor and Chair Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, School of Medicine
DIBS Faculty, Member, DIBS Chairs & Directors Advisory Council.”

She gave an impassioned speech to the FDA, why she thinks shock machines should be reduced to class II, effectively putting the dangerous devices on the same safety level as wheelchairs.

When I did some more research on her work I couldn’t help but notice the disturbing change in language from shock to stimulation.

It seems that electroshock is being grouped together with less invasive treatments like transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), all falling under the banner of therapeutic neuromodulation. That makes it sound so scientific and medically sound, no?

I may not have Sarah Lisbany’s education or credentials, but I do have something she doesn’t: first hand experience with electroshock.      Survivors have more authority on what shock does and doesn’t do.

Don’t be fooled. And don’t let this language change stick. Call it what it is. Shock. Electroshock. Leave out therapy, because shock is anything but therapeutic.

Leave off life saving because that’s the opposite of what it does. Shock is a violent, abusive, destructive tool that destroys lives by creating permanent disability and also threatens lives by increased suicidalty due to unacknowledged shock induced disability.

And don’t forget those under reported fatal complications such as heart failure and brain hemorrhages.

I have a favor to ask, if see any spelling or grammatical errors, please let me know at aftershockrecovery at gmail dot com. Much appreciated 🙂


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4 thoughts on “If You Call Electroshock by Any Other Name, Is it Still A Violent, Destructive, Pseudoscientific Procedure? Yes!

  1. I have a horror story,,, walked into a ER and was mistook as a psych patient, 15 wrong meds, and administered ECT shock 3x while in a illegal stay locked in for 32 days, they destroyed my life!


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