Shock Fact #01: Loss of Autonomy and Susequent Risk of Abuse

Hello fellow survivors 🙂 I’m doing a series of posts on the the various ways electroshock damages lives. I’m starting out with a loss of autonomy and subsequent predisposition for abuse due to shock induced brain damage. I’ve been abused and so have countless others. Many of us live in fear of homelessness and further abuse by psychiatry. We are often trapped in abusive entanglements because we have no other choice- disability payments aren’t enough to live on and social services to assist with the basic activities we can’t do anymore (like money management and transportation) are damn near useless- in part because brain damage from shock isn’t acknowledged.

If you’ve been abused post ECT and want your experience included in this important but scarcely addressed issue (anonymously is an option) email me at aftershockrecovery at

This issue needs recognition and social action- The effects of electroshock are inexcusable. The use of ECT must be stopped and its practitioners held accountable.

Thank you xx


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