My Independence Day

My drugging began at age 11 and didn’t end till my mid 20s. 

During that time I was put on every cocktail imaginable, leading to extreme, unspeakably horrible, sometimes life threatening side effects, and long-term chronic health problems in exchange for zero improvement of depression, anxiety and insomnia. 

Oh yeah, can’t forget the whole lost childhood thing. That’s beyond messed up. 

This experience has left emotional and psychological scars. I’m still picking up the pieces from it, but it’s amazing being free of that useless chemical straight-jacket; something I try to not take for granted.

I feel deeply for those going through the withdrawal process right now. I know the (bold, capital, underline, exclamation mark times infinity) hell you’re trudging through. My heart goes out to you. Hang in there- it gets better.



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