An Unwelcome Friend Suggestion 

I’m currently hashing out a post on  David Healy, but I saw this on Facebook today and had to say something now.

 A Facebook acquaintance recently suggested I friend the supposed psychiatric reformer. Uh no! 

I’m guessing she’s like many others who are misinformed about his stance on shock. This isn’t surprising – his work on drug reform gives the impression that he’s anti- psychiatry and a patient advocate.

But that’s just a snapshot of a bigger picture- Healy is unabashedly pro shock. He believes the only alternative from drugs for major depression is shock. He denies damage (it’s very hard to prove you see) he invalidates ALL of us who have claim damage and dismisses our our cause in the process. (These are just a few of many points to come)

Not allot of reading between the lines is needed to see how someone feels about patients if they so quickly and adamantly dismiss their claims of being harmed. 

Don’t take my word for it- read his! 

Please do your homework! Stop rallying around Phd’s who claim to be patient advocates until you know exactly where they stand and what they gain from their position.

Suggested reading

Peter Breggin wrote a huff post piece on Healy’s shock stance. Read that here

Quick and dirty citation  


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