Ex Drug Rep Turns Whistle Blower

drugs by  Mantas Ruzveltas


Gwen Olson has a deep, multifaceted perspective of the pharmaceutical industry.

She was a drug sales representative.

She spent 15 years working for numerous drug companies (RX Reformer – An Insider’s View).

She was a drug consumer.

While experiencing the unpleasant but not unusual sadness that accompanies divorce, Gwen was prescribed psych meds by her G.P. to treat her “depression.” Gwen suffered horrific side-effects from these drugs, including akathisia. This adverse reaction was attributed, not the inciting medications, but her developing “mental illness,” which required more, not less drugs to treat. Eventually she became so impaired by these medications, she had to quit her demanding job as a pharmaceutical representative.

She is the aunt of a drug victim.

Her niece, Megan, was ensnared in the psychiatric trap after having a adverse reaction to a combination narcotic pain meds and the stimulant, Ephedra. Due to her aunt’s mental diagnosis, she was hastily labeled bipolar because of familial association (if a relative has a mental illness, their family members are supposedly genetically predisposed to having one as well). The drugs accelerated her mental symptoms, hastening her from a bipolar to a schizophrenia label. The toxic effects of the various drug cocktails killed any chance Megan had for a normal life; friends, school, work. She recognized this and tried to get off the offending medications. After a poorly executed taper, Megan tragically ended her life by setting herself on fire, rather than endure the side effects of medications she was court ordered to resume taking. See the full story here or watch below:

Gwen speaks out.

After being brain-damaged by drugs, the heartbreaking loss of her niece, and witnessing countless others experience similar devastating medication encounters, Gwen couldn’t keep quiet.

She bravely forfeited her drug rep pension by speaking the damning truth about psychiatric drugs and the industry that profits from them.

Listening to Gwen will obliterate any doubts you might have about the pharmaceutical industries motives and their knowledge about the dangers posed by their products.pills and money amenic181 Through books, interviews, speeches and articles, she reveals the true intentions of pharmaceutical industries, and the tactics they use to minimize or hide side effects. She shines a light on the frightening ignorance of prescribing doctors and their inability to correctly identify and therefore,  effectively treat patients’ adverse reactions. She also helps empower people through drug education and emphasizing the importance of self advocacy.

Gwen’s website has numerous resources including videos, her book, Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher and additional recommended resource as well as ways to get involved.

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Pictures courtesy of Mantas Ruzveltas (drug sign) and amenic181 (pills and cash) via FreeDigitalPhotos.com


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